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Well it's Saturday, and I'm working...and dying for a nap.

This really cheered me up this morning, though...gotta focus on the good!


I'm Ready to Step Forward.

Well....something happened to me tonight.  Something big....and good.

I completely relapsed tonight.  I called Bri several times & cried on the phone with her, causing her to cry.  I was feeling like shit, she was feeling like shit...I was begging her to come home, she was pushing me to let her go.....and then she told me the one thing that I needed to hear, but didn't realize that I needed to hear.

She loves me, but she's no longer in love with me.

And all of a sudden....the cloud lifted.  I felt...different.  Freed.  I feel as if I lost, and won, all at the same time.

I can move on from this marriage now....and not because she's my wife.  Or soon to be ex.  Or even a friend.

She will always be Brianna to me.  And I'll always be Jon to her.

Nothing more, nothing less.  We had a great times, and bad times (Jesus, I feel like Charles Dickens right now).

Moving forward, I DO want to occasionally talk with her, hang out a bit, etc.  But we desperately need space after we meet tomorrow.

I'm feeling really good.  Positive.  And happy.  Hopefully she will share the sentiment tomorrow.  :-)


Hello LJ.  It's been a while.

Recently, I've made mistakes.

Big mistakes.

And I want to use LJ as my outlet.

More to come.

Bri :)

Hello!  This is the girlfriend.  He never posts much, and only has this account to read my journal, so while I'm on his account I thought I would say something.  He is a mechanical engineering major, a video game nerd, the biggest dork I know, and the best person I know.  We are both in our second semester of junior year, and are in a long distance relationship.  He goes to school an hour and a half away from me, but when we're at home he's about six hours away, and neither of us has a car...so we always have to depend on other people to see each other.  We plan to move in together after we graduate, and get married, and have kids, and the whole nine yards.  

As of right now, our lives suck.  His roomate is an asshole, and my roomate...I've lived with her too long.  We're just about all each other has right now, and we're counting down the 2.67 semesters we have left until we live together.  

That's us, and that's my nerd. :)  

I love you very much, sir. <3  


Yo, just writing my first LJ entry here.  And yeah, it's cool.




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